Bartelli Rolling Safety Cheese Grater - Stainless Steel fine grade rotary grater for Parmesan Cheese, Nuts, and hard Chocolate.

$ 19.99

Cheese always adds something delicious to a dish. Unfortunately, it adds a whole lot of work and cleanup to cooking as well.

Despite all the gadgets and gizmos you can buy to use in your kitchen, there has just never been an easy and safe way to grate cheese or nuts. A box-style hand grater makes your wrist sore after a few seconds, not to mention that it can easily cut your finger.

Rotary cheese graters with handles are not any better. Those cranks are so hard to turn! After you've turned the cheese grater rotary handle a few times, your hand is just as tired as it would be if you were using a box grater.

The Bartelli Rolling Cheese Grater is the perfect solution that lets you put that crank parmesan grater and awkward hand box grater away for good.

The Bartelli Rolling Cheese Grater doesn't use the force of your hand to move the cheese against its stainless steel shredding drum; it uses the forces of gravity. Place any medium or hard cheese in the top of the grater on top of the drum. Grab hold of the handle and apply gentle pressure. Then, just gently roll the grater along a tabletop, counter top or wooden cutting board and the shredder does the rest.

Spare your hands the strain and pain without skipping the cheese in your recipes. With a few easy rolls your cheese will be grated or shredded for adding to your recipes or sprinkling on foods. The plastic door keeps the cheese neatly stored away inside, so you won't waste even a crumb of your cheddar, parmesan, Monterrey jack or other tasty cheese! When you're finished using the shredder, you can separate its five pieces and get it cleaned fast with nothing but soap and water.