Skywin Portable Travel Hard Case for RIF6 Cube, LG MiniBeam, Syhonic S8, Pico Projector, InFocus IN1146-Stores HDMI Adapters and Accessories - Durable Carrying Case to Protect and Store Equipment

$ 29.99

Durable, Stylish Hard Carrying Case, with Slide Locks and Dense Foam Interior. Ideal for Protecting your Valuables

Skywin Hard Case

This sturdy carrying case is built to protect your valuables from damage and theft. Made of high quality, durable plastic, this lightweight case is equipped with secure slide locks and has a space for your own padlock for additional projector security.

Pick And Pluck Foam

The interior is filled with dense pick and pluck foam, so you can customize the fit to support and protect your delicate electronics. This thick padding means your belongings won’t shift during travel and they will be protected from impact. You’ll find this case easy to handle, and its rugged design means it won’t crack or scratch in your travels. This case has no plastic smell, and the integrated handle is both comfortable and convenient. Not only will this durable case protect your electronic equipment from dust and dirt, but it’s also strong enough that it won’t flex, even under pressure. Your projector will be safe, secure, and protected from damage. This case is perfect for carrying your accessories, cameras, stereo and recording equipment, mobile projectors, tools, and any delicate equipment you need to protect from impact.
  • DURABLE DESIGN that won’t crack or scratch during travel. Rugged construction won’t flex under pressure.
  • IMPACT PROTECTION from dense pick and pluck foam that lets you customize the interior and protect your projector from damage. Delicate electronics are stable and secure.
  • SECURE SPACE has high quality slide locks to secure your valuables. You have the option of using your padlock for additional security.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and easy to use, this case features a comfortable, integrated handle. Made of sturdy plastic, this case protects delicate electronics from dust and dirt.
  • DIMENSIONS External dimensions are 17.7x 12.9 x 5.1 in. Internal dimensions are 17.4 x 10.4 x 4.9 in. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed